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A group of 74 young change-makers, personify the spirit of U-Report India. Carefully selected from a pool of 25 lakh U-Reporters in India, these youth, aged 16-25, represent diverse backgrounds, skills, and expertise.

In just over three months, they've achieved:

  • 30+ on-ground events across India.

  • Created a knowledge-sharing website.

  • Co-created visually appealing webpage design for showcasing advocacy programs.

  • A referral campaign for boosting U-Report enrollments.

  • A professional logo that gives the U-Ambassador program a unique identity.

  • Active participation in a nationwide poll addressing critical youth issues.

These brilliant U-Ambassadors are driving positive change and making their voices heard across the nation. Stay tuned for more updates on their impactful initiatives!

U-Reporters from India on a Global stage

Global Poll on Foundational Learning

To address the Global Learning crisis, U-Report is back stronger with another edition of the U-Report poll which has the voices of over 1 million Young People worldwide.

U-Report India was a key contributor of this poll, as around 33,000 young people (below 18yrs) participated in this poll and contributed with their interesting insights on their perception of the education system in India.

The best part is that one of the young person from Gujarat, India - ‘Ms Nishtha Panchal was selected as the voice of the entire U-Report community with

32 Million U-Reporters from around the world to present key U-Report findings from the poll in the

International Education Summit in New York held in September 2023.

funDoo goes global

During the visit of Mr Thomas Davin, Director of the Office of Innovation, UNICEF, to India, funDoo was highlighted to him as THE SKILLING PLATFORM for Young People. Being fascinated, Thomas welcomed some young people from around India to share their experiences about funDoo. In a High-Level meeting between Thomas and Senior UNICEF officials, some U-Reporters present both in-person and online, shared their experiences.

A special feature interview was conducted with U-Reporter Ms Diksha Soni who visited UNICEF office from her hometown in Madhya Pradesh.

An extra special feature was given to U-Reporter
Mr Akash who was interviewed by Thomas himself.

Gradient Background

Latest Statistics

U-Report states with more than 100,000 U-Reporters:

1. Haryana               371,000
2. Uttar Pradesh       280,000
3. Bihar                     171,000

4. Maharashtra         150,000
5. Madhya Pradesh  128,000
6. Rajasthan             122,000
7. Punjab                  101,000

Total U-Reporters: 29 Lakh

Below 18

Career growth with U-Report

Check out these new additions on U-Report India which will help you get ahead in career and new opportunities.

Community News

Asheem from Tamil Nadu

Mohammed Asheem, a dedicated U Ambassador from Tamil Nadu, took it upon himself to ignite awareness about U-Report India among college students. Self-funding the event, he bypassed financial constraints and orchestrated a successful gathering at Government Arts College. With the support of college management, the NSS officer, and the district youth officer, Asheem navigated challenges like presentation preparation and an unexpected power cut.